Our Research

e61 harnesses the talents of the world’s best economic thinkers, giving them exclusive access to unique proprietary data so they can address the most important Australian policy questions.

Our ambition is that through policy relevant economic insights we will help shape the future of Australia by building prosperity, combatting disadvantage, fostering sustainability and advancing wellbeing for all Australians. 


Build prosperity

Increasing the size of the pie 

  • Economic growth

  • Industry policy

  • Trade & investment promotion

  • Technology & productivity

  • Monetary policy and stabilization

Examples of this. 

Combat disadvantage

Ensure everyone gets a fair share

  • Welfare & disadvantage

  • Future of work & creating good jobs

  • Housing & homelessness

  • Social inclusion

  • Tax and transfer policy

Some examples of this ​

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Wind Mills_edited.jpg

Foster sustainability

Ensure opportunity for the future generation

  • Climate change

  • Energy transition

  • Green technology

  • Fiscal responsibility & budget sustainability

Examples work ​

Advance wellbeing

Building an economy that works for people

  • Preventative health

  • Citizenship and democratic participation

  • Positive ageing

  • Mental health

  • Education

Some examples....

what lessens one of us lessens all of us sign_edited.jpg