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Research Economists


Research Economists

The e61 Institute is currently recruiting for the following roles:


  • Junior Research Economists

  • Senior Research Economists

  • Program Directors 


Successful candidates should have experience in data-driven economic research, leading or working as part of a research team, strong quantitative and data analytic skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and an interest in conducting and disseminating impactful, policy relevant research to academic, policy, business, and general audiences.

The e61 Institute was born from a motivation to bring together problem-solvers from academia, industry, and government to push the knowledge frontier so that we can tackle the big problems facing our society. We combine innovative data with state-of-the-art tools from economics, data science, econometrics, machine learning and beyond to answer economic and social science questions.


  • Work as part of a team to develop and execute research programs around areas of interest to the institute.

  • Develop code to analyse large micro data sets that include publicly available survey data, proprietary datasets, and large administrative datasets.

  • Write and implement advanced programs to solve economic problems that include designing, implementing, testing, and comparing algorithms and models; utilize statistical packages to build large scale databases that are efficient for computing; and utilize statistical packages to visualize complicated research results into nice formats for publications and presentations. 

  • Conduct independent problem-solving and independent research with high-level directional advice. 

  • Test new computing tools to explore better options for computational research. 

  • Be fully informed on the latest developments in the relevant research areas; present findings effectively and articulately. 

  • Participate in fund-raising activities of the institute.

  • Write technical research papers to be published in refereed economic journals

  • Write non-technical briefs, papers, op-eds, presentations, and other materials to communicate research outputs to a broad audience.

  • Mentor junior researchers and facilitate in the production and two-way transfer of human capital


  • Track record of producing research of the highest quality and publishing papers in refereed publications.

  • Exceptional computer programming and quantitative skills

  • Experience with statistical programming language such as Stata, R or equivalent and familiarity with programming languages such as Fortran, Matlab, Julia, C or Python. 

  • Exceptional analytical, verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team as required

  • A passion for problem solving, and interest in business, economics and/or public policy problems

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities through work experience or extracurricular activities



  • Familiarity with machine learning packages and libraries in python and R

  • Work experience in data analytics

  • Demonstrated experience in translating research outcomes to resonate with a wider audience, including writing op-eds, working in the media.



  • Honor's degree in economics or related field required.

  • Advanced degree in economics (Masters or PhD) strongly preferred.

  • Second major in computer science, mathematics, or related field preferred.



We welcome applications from candidates that are intellectually curious and have an outstanding track record. This role would be ideal for candidates who want to work on the most interesting economic challenges in the private and public sectors.


The recruitment process comprises of your initial application and a formal interview process involving case studies

Your initial application should include:

  • 1 page covering letter addressing your interest in the firm and responses to the essential skills

  • Short resume (maximum of 2 pages)

  • University transcripts

  • Two writing samples: (1) Example of published academic or technical research (2) Example of non-technical writing for a non-academic audience.

Please note: we will provide a receipt of application notification by email but, due to the volume of applicants, will only contact you if you proceed to the formal interview process